Paul Biya: Sick, Sinking and The Fear of ICC


Southern Cameroonians trooped out in their thousands on Sunday, October 1st, 2017, to hoist the blue/white Ambazonian flag.

President of French speaking La Republique du Cameroun, Mr. Paul Biya, is terminally  sick of prostrate cancer and other age related diseases. The eighty-four year old despot who has ruled the central African nation for thirty-five years has just returned home more forty-five days after being  holed up in the Swiss Intercontinental Hotel where he had been hiding since his departure from New York where he had addressed an empty hall during the United Nations General Assembly meeting . Hiding in Switzerland was a way to avoid the embarrassment of a thunderous Anglophone uprising demanding secession to form a new state of Ambazonia.

Before departing for New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly, (UNGA), Mr. Biya’s major headache had been how to contain the storm that was already gathering in the British West Cameroonian territory also known as Southern Cameroon.

Tired of many decades of marginalization, injustice, inequality, and flagrant disrespect of their human status, Southern Cameroonians suddenly embarked on a series of peaceful civil disobedience activities to protest the imbalance. School boycotts, ghost towns,  Common law lawyers strike and many others galvanized the resolve of Southern Cameroonians to tell Biya that enough was enough.

The climax of the protests came on Sunday, 1st October, 2017, when the Sesekou Julius Ayuk Tabe’s led Southern Cameroon Governing Council declared restoration of independence for the new state of Ambazonia. The people came out in their thousands across the territory, at the risk of their lives, breaking through all  security blockades  mounted by Biya’s military, to hoist the blue/white Ambazonia flag as a symbol of their sovereignty.

As expected, Mr. Biya responded by unleashing terror against an already pauperized population of Southern Cameroon. Paul Biya instructed his local non-elected and hand picked administrators to shoot at sight. The military, police and gendarmes all had a field day feasting on the blood of poor unarmed Anglophone protesters across the entire territory of Southern Cameroon.

At the end of the shooting spree, more than one hundred Southern Cameroonians were brutally murdered by the security operatives and military on the orders of Mr. Paul Biya. So far, two mass graves  have been discovered in the surrounding bushes in Buea, the capital city of Southern Cameroon. More worrisome is the on-going helicopter gunship attacks being carried out by Biya’s forces on the people of  Southern Cameroon. This development has now led the people to run into nearby bushes for safety.

Now, sensing danger for his possible trial at the International Criminal Court, for crimes against humanity, the terminally sick and old despot has decided to play a new trick of seeking dialogue with Southern Cameroonians. The shameless oldie has assembled what he describes as Southern Cameroon elites to go round the territory to dialogue with their people on the need for peaceful resolution of the crisis.

The so-called Southern Cameroon elites are basically Biya’s stooges.   They are traitors who are considered as outcasts by Southern Cameroonians because they  have sold out on the struggle.   They are opportunists who trade with the lives and blood of their people for a few million CFA francs. People like Chief  Tabetando from Manyu is a typical example. Ordinarily, they should not be representing their people. But for Biya’s style of governance and election manipulation, Tabetando and others parade themselves as the peoples’ representatives.

These are the people who  never care about the marginalization of their people and connive with Biya to steal the people’s wealth and share it among themselves. For example, in the 2017 budget of expenditure, while Biya’s home region of South with a false population of 800,000 is allocated 126.2 billions CFA francs, the NorthWest and SouthWest regions combined, with a population of 9.7 million ( although reduced by Biya to 7million for selfish reasons) is allocated paltry sum of 87.5 billions CFA francs. To Tabetando and his gang of so-called elites, this is not marginalization. It is no longer secret that these traitors have signed and collected blood money from Paul Biya in order to embark on the inglorious trip.

In response to Paul Biya’s  antics, the Southern Cameroon Governing Council, led by Sesekou Julius Ayuk Tabe, says they can only talk with Biya in a neutral location and in the presence of third parties – African Union, European Union, United Nations, Britain, France and Nigeria.

Meanwhile, twenty four  members of the US congress are set to table the matter on behalf of the suffering people of Southern Cameroon to the United Nations for justice to be done. The Anglophones want an immediate and peaceful end to the turbulent  partnership and to live on their own in a new nation to be known as Ambazonia.


Nkwoh Mmassem